BBC Wildlife cover and portfolio

BBC Wildlife Magazine cover

The Spring issue of BBC Wildlife magazine, includes a 10-page portfolio featuring Jules’ work documenting the lives of the Roe deer and other wildlife that call cemeteries and churchyards home.

As well as roe, red fox, barn owl and squirrels are all also included as part of the feature, accompanied by words crafted by Paul Bloomfield. Shot exclusively on Canon over a period of 12 years, the feature spans a number of locations, including Wiltshire, Surrey,  Sussex, Suffolk and London.

The cover image is a portrait of one of the succession of kids born to the female roe deer who features in the Woodland episode of Wild Isles to which Jules contributed as a consultant. This particular baby deer is around 5–6 weeks old. The portfolio also includes a few more images of the same doe and her succession of offspring.

Jules would like to say thank you to Paul Bloomfield, with whom he worked closely for the feature, for capturing the ecology of the species from the information he shared so perfectly. He would like to say a big thank you also to the amazing team at BBC Wildlife for continuing to support his work. This feature comes 10 years after his first cover for BBC Wildlife.

Available now from all good newsagents, you can also order the issue online here and via the BBC Wildlife App.

BBC Wildlife magazine spread

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